Dusk to Dawn


An empty parking lot perched above the city. the lights of a distant life sparkling away, like lost souls in the smog. Now the stage is set.
A car drives around the streets and roads, scenery flashes in the spotlights : headlights, streetlights, limelights.
Then, in front of us, a building out of the darkness, on the other side of the street, a tree seems placed on a long black veil, the city looks deserted. Over there, a lamp post shows us the empty scene of a latent dramaturgy.
Something probably happened here, maybe it is going to happen. But at this point in time, action is pending. Here and there, actors of the city are looking for the light, waiting for a scene.
We are stuck in the scenery, as everywhere and nowhere. We look towards the distant lights, waiting for a sequel. But the action is off camera.

STARRING : Aline Firmo, Eric Mark, Jasmine De La Fuente, Andre Correa.